Beer Olympics

Beer Olympics – Day 12

Country: Japan
Beer: Sapporo
One of the rules I set way back at the start of the Beer Olympics was that beers brewed under licence in another country still counted as coming from their country of origin.
That was just because I was lazy and figured that excluding such beers would make the process of finding 17 or so beers – each from a different country – would be very hard.
When I thought up the rule I had the likes of Stella and Grolsch in mind. The sort of beers that everyone thinks are brewed in Europe or elsewhere but only a detailed reading of the back label shows that they’re actually brewed in less exotic places – like Campbelltown.
I didn’t figure that Sapporo would be one of those beers. In fact, it wasn’t until a few weeks after I’d bought this shiny, stylish silver can from Dan Murphys that I realised it wasn’t made in Japan but Canada.
They weren’t being sneaky about it either – it’s listed in reasonable sized print along the bottom of the can.
So that means this is a Japanese beer made in Canada and then exported to Australia. Talk about extending the supply chain.
Anyway, I was always going to have a soft spot for this beer as I think the silver can it comes in is just awesome. Frankly, if I was giving beers points, Sapporo would be getting a head start of 10 points just because of that can.
Then I might deduct a few for the phrase ‘‘premium beer’’ that appears on the can. Really, if you’re going to class your beer as ‘‘premium’’, ‘‘quality’’ or any similar superlative, it’s usually a gimme that the drink is actually anything but.
In the case of Sapporo, well, it’s a cut above the standard ‘‘premium’’ lagers. It’s slightly sweet and with just the right amount of malt flavour to give it a good mouthfeel.
Would I drink it again?: If it came in that big silver can, I probably would. Give me a bottle of it and I’m not so sure.

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