Beer Olympics

Beer Olympics – Day 11

Country: Britain
Beer: Hook Norton Haymaker
So the Olympic Games are less than a week away from finishing up and I’ve only just realised I’ve yet to include a beer from Britain.
That’s pretty slack, given that they’re hosting the damn Games and everything. On top of which, I could have drunk a British beer earlier and put of drinking that vile concoction known as Cave Creek Chili Beer (Goddamn you Mexico, you’re already responsible for Corona. How could you go and make a beer that’s even worse?).
So the beer that represents Britain is a new one I spotted on the shelves of Dan Murphys not too long ago. As the Murph does from time to time, he’ll bring in a few brews from the same brewery – as he did with the Brit beermaker Hook Norton.
I’d picked up the Haymaker pale ale and the Old Hooky strong ale – and bit of research has me confused. At least one site claims the Haymaker is no longer made and another beer on the shelves, Hook Norton’s 12 Days is brewed for Christmas (so what’s it doing on the shelves in the middle of the year?).
So I was a little concerned, worried that these beers could be a bit past it, if you know what I mean.
But I needn’t have worried, at least as far as the Haymaker goes. Sure, it’s label claim that beer is like ‘‘sunshine on your tongue’’ is stretching things a bit, but it’s still a nice enough drop. There’s some slightly spicy notes from the hops and the flavour hits that sweet spot between intriguing but not distracting. You know what I mean, a beer that’s got something going for it flavourwise but not so much that you spend the whole time you drink it thinking about the flavour.
Suffice to say it’s a very, very sessionable.
Would I drink it again?: Yep, you betcha. It’d really work come summertime.

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