IPA Day 2012

So today is IPA Day. What does that mean? Buggered if I know to be honest.
I’ve just had people on Twitter talking about it and planning what IPA they were going to drink today and I’m nothing if not a follower, so I decided to drink an IPA too.
And it gives me another badge on Untappd – and badges aren’t easy for me to come by on that website (largely because I don’t go for that “check in” stuff that seems to form the basis of most of the badges. Call me paranoid but those “check in” things are the same as saying “hey, I’m not at home. Come and rob me”). So anyway, I need to take those badges where I can get them.
The IPA I chose was the Green Flash West Coast IPA that I got from a Slowbeer order after Rocks Brewing Company’s Scotty Morgan raved about it.
And that Scotty is a man of refinement because this is a truly spectacular IPA. Most US IPAs tend to go huge on the piney flavours so that it overwhelms everything. But this one, while it has the pineyness, there’s also some underlying fruitiness that is very apparent. And it doesn’t taste as strong as the seven-odd per cent alcohol that it is.
Really wish I’d bought two bottles. Because I want another one right now.
Would I drink it again?: That’s a yes without any doubt. This is just wonderful. I need a case of this stuff.

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