Beer Olympics

Beer Olympics – Day Seven


Country: Mexico
Beer: Cave Creek Chili Beer

Permit me a bit of a rant about language.

These days people seem far more prone to exaggeration, making out some trifling incident was a nightmare or the “worst thing ever”.  Really, the worst thing ever? Worse than, say, losing a limb? Worse than, perhaps, finding out you no longer have a job, the bank is taking your home and your wife is sleeping with you neighbour?

Didn’t think so. Now get some perspective. Or at least qualify your use of “worst”. As in “Cave Creek Chili Beer is one of the worst beers I’ve ever had”. See, I didn’t say “one of the worst beers ever”, just one of the worst I’ve had (though it would hardly surprise me if this is one of the worst beers ever).

Without a word of a lie, I would prefer to drink any mainstream Australian beer – even Crown (a beer I have a serious, serious, ethical and moral problem with) – rather than this stupid chili beer.

What sort of person creates a beer with a chili? Who do they think will drink it? Is there really someone who thinks, “you know, I don’t want a beer that’s refreshing and relaxing. I want one that smells like taco sauce and burns my mouth”?

I seriously had one sip of this beer and then simply could not bring myself to drink any more of it. So I tipped it down the sing, flung the chili in the bin and then rinsed out my beer glass with hot water to remove any vestiges of this disgusting beer.

Would I drink it again?: No. No. NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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