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Three in a row for Little Creatures

Little Creatures was big news in Australian brewing circles recently with a takeover bid by Japanese-owned Lion.
The company already owns just under 40 per cent of the Australian company and wants to snaffle the remaining shares.
The board recommended shareholders accept the offer, but craft beer fans lamented what they felt was sure to be the death of Little Creatures.
I’m not so sure about that. Lion already owned a fair chunk of Little Creatures and that didn’t affect the beer quality. I prefer to think they’re taking it over because it’s a popular brand and why would they mess with that?
Coincidentally, around this time Little Creatures released the latest in their Single Batch series. The series has seen the brewers get increasingly adventurous and create some truly special beers. Their summer offering – The Big Dipper – was sublime and in my books one of the best beers of the year. They followed that up with a US-Belgian mash-up called The Quiet American.
Their latest, Day of the Long Shadow (pictured), makes it three in a row for exceptional Single Batch creations.
It’s a spiced winter ale that comes in at 8.9 per cent, so it’s a slow drinker and delivers a fair alcohol burn.
Made with allspice, nutmeg, cinnamon and dark muscovado sugar, there’s a molasses sweetness at the front end ahead of the spices kicking in. At the back end, there’s a lingering bitterness from the Challenger and Sovereign hops.
It’s great on a cold night.

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