Mice prove beer is good for us

Beer has long copped a rap for making us fat.
That’s why we’ve has a slight spike in those odious low and no-carb beers (these beers are obviously drunk by people who care not a jot for flavoursome, interesting beers. For mine, these low-carb effprts taste worse than mainstream beers).
Breweries saw a market in health-conscious beer drinkers and offered them a low-carb option and sorta kinda implied it was a healthy option.
But according to this article, beer actually stops you being fat. Seems scientists have found a ‘‘miracle molecule’’ in beer (and in milk, but beer’s more fun to drink) that can influence cell metabolism.

“I’ll have a schooner thanks, mate”.

As usual, those lab mice led the way with studies showing that those given a high-fat diet and the miracle molecule gained significantly less weight than other mice eating the same diet but with no MM addition.
Also the MMM (Miracle Molecule Mice) had better endurance levels and higher energy levels than the other, more ordinary, mice.
So it sounds to me like a very good reason to have a beer. And not one of those crappy low-carb ones.

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