Yeah, it’s another book

So one thing I thought of during that recent hiatus was how I had loads of content here on this site.

Precisely 1680 posts. And being an old fart who likes words on a page over words on a screen it felt like it was kind of going to waste sitting there somewhere in the internet.

I wanted something more tangible. Something I can put on the shelf and say, “yeah, I wrote that”. Calling up the blog on a computer screen, pointing at it and saying “I wrote that” just didn’t have the same effect.

So I decided to collect a stack of the posts and put them in a book form. Just for myself, you know. And somewhere along the line in the past few months was “hey, this is way more work that I thought it would be. And all for one book. I must have been frigging crazy.”

So instead of doing all this for just one book, I figured I’d get 20 printed. Just in case any of the adoring fans out there wanted a copy. Just to sweeten the deal a bit keep in mind there will only ever be 20 copies available. I’m keeping one for myself, so that means there’s only going to be 19 in circulation – talk about super-limited edition. And each copy will be hand-numbered by yours truly (I’ll even take No8 so as to give someone the chance to own #1).

As another sweetener, I’m selling them for just $20 including postage anywhere within Australia – at that price I’m losing money, But you get a massive bargain of a hand-numbered 340-page book for just $20. Show me a better deal that that.

You want one, don’t you? Well just head over here and plonk down your $20.

Oh yeah, it’s also available as an ebook for a buck or two. But then you’d still be reading it on a screen. What’s the point of that when you could read it on a lovingly crafted page?

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