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Five Things About … Nomad’s Millions of Peaches Peach IPA

1)  It must be so hard to come up with an original idea these days. Just this week I came up with a great name for a podcast about language – Fully (sic). Man, I thought I was so clever – and was certain no one had ever come up with that before. But then I Googled it and found the Crikey website has a column with that exact name. Right down to the brackets around “sic”.

2) Bugger.

3) Which brings me to this Nomad release Millions of Peaches. The name comes from the song Peaches by Presidents of the United States of America. And not a very good song, may I add – Lump is way better (and Weird Al’s parody is even better). The Sydney brewer is by no means the first to come up with a beer with that name. Google says at least seven other breweries have a beer called Millions of Peaches. But only one of them is an IPA (that is if you could a “milkshake IPA” as a real IPA – I don’t) like this effort from Nomad.

4) The beer itself was brewed by the NSW branch of the Pink Boots Society, which aims to help women advance in the beer community. If I had my way, that society wouldn’t need to exist, because nobody would get weirded out that a woman wanted to make beer, drink it, write about it, pour it, sell it and whatever the hell else you can do with beer. But, for some asinine reason that I simply cannot fathom, there are still people out there whose ears get smoke steaming out of them at the mere thought that women – shock, horror – might actually like beer. To them there is something just not right about it because, you know, beer is for me. Sheesh, Get over yourselves, dickheads.

5) Anyway, this peach IPA tastes peaches. Shocking ,huh? Not like millions of peaches, mind you. There’s a slight aroma on the nose and the palate, plus I’m certain the peaches give the beer a very pleasing soft mouthfeel. At the end of proceedings, there is a really balanced bitterness that is in keeping with the light and somewhat delicate nature of this beer. Nice work indeed.

Free or paid for?: I bought a six-pack from Thirroul Cellars, partially because of the eye-catching label.

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