GABS Brewer 2018

GABS Brewer 2018 – Nowhereman Brewing

GABS Brewer 2018: Paul Wyman from Nowhereman Brewing

What sort of beer are you making for GABS?
A Baltic porter with cocount and cherries.

What’s it called?
Ripe for the Picking!

Where did the inspiration come from?
When I used to brew at The Monk in Fremantle, we made a coconut stout called The Bounty that got quite the cult following. This is an extension of that, combining my love of Cherry Ripes with our lager focused brewery.

Would you still drink craft beer if it was all alcohol-free?
Tough question, I would like to say yes because there is nothing more refreshing and satisfying as a well made balanced beer. Alcohol is just a by-product for brewers really, so think a good beer could still be made without alcohol.

What’s the dumbest thing you’ve had someone say to you about beer?
Was silly enough to make a kimchi saison once, had some homebrewers tell my staff that the brewer has got some serious fermentation issues….guess they didn’t know what kimchi was!

The Great Australian Beer Spectapular is on in Melbourne on May 18-20 at the Royal Exhibition Building, Sydney on June 2 at the Sydney Showground and ASB Showgrounds in Auckland on June 30.

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