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Five Things About … Nomad’s Freshie Watermelon Gose


1) You know, I never really eat as much watermelon as a I should. I love the stuff and, each summer , I plan to eat me a whole lot of slices. But the end of summer comes and I find that I’ve hardly eaten any. Maybe it’s got something to do with the prep work – if someone else could cut the watermelon into slices, put them on a plate and hand them to me, it would be much easier.

2) It’s the same story with mangoes – at least before I worked out how to cut them. I used to peel the skin off and then gnaw all the flesh off the seed. Which clearly made a huge mess – it was why mango-eating was done over the sink. Since I was showed the trick of cutting the sides off and scoring the cheeks my mango-eating went through the roof.

3) But I digress. This post has nothing to do with mangoes. It’s all about the watermelon. Nomad’s made it a whole lot easier to ingest watermelon with their Freshie watermelon gose. At first glance, this combination of watermelon and salt seems off-putting. Who the hell puts those two things together?

4) Americans do, apparently. Nomad’s brewer Brooks Caretta claims eating watermelon with a dash of salt is a thing in the Deep South. Well, the Deep South has been responsible for a lot of unpalatable things in the past, but this combination isn’t one of them.

5) The beer has a nice aroma of candied watermelon, if you like that sort of thing (and I do). There was less watermelon flavour than I’d expected – though that’s coming from a watermelon fan. But it does mean it’s nicely balanced with the salt. The end result is a very, very smashable beer.

Free or paid for: I liked the original Freshie so adding watermelon meant I was surely going to buy myself a six-pack.

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