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“A tiny bar where patrons queue for up to 90 minutes has become the go-to spot for beer connoisseurs in the city of Hiroshima. The secret is in the pouring, but there is one catch: Each person is limited to just two drinks.
“Beer Stand Shigetomi in the famed entertainment district of Nagarekawa, the largest in the Chugoku region, serves up cold ones for ¥500 a glass. No other alcohol is offered and there are no seats. Long lines are not uncommon on weekends. So why wait?
“Although it serves popular beer brands, the difference is in the delivery.
“We can make 15 flavor variations of beer just by the way we pour,” says Yutaka Shigetomi, 54, who mans the taps.”

‘Beer fans flock to Hiroshima bar – but sorry, two is your limit’
Yugo Ishikawa
Japan Times
November 18, 2017

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