Beer of the Week

Five Things About … Six String’s Double Dark Red IPA

1) Sometimes, my stupidity is such that it even amazes me. I’ve made mention before about how I’m an alcohol wuss – it comes up often enough that it warranted its own tag on this blog. If you’ve missed those posts, basically I’m a bit wary of beers that are higher in alcohol. Higher being around 8 per cent and up.

2) I’m wary for two reasons. Firstly, it’s because high-alcohol beers mean you’re likely to get all squiffy far too early in the evening. Who wants to fall asleep on the lounge at 8pm. Secondly, I know I can have a set number of beers before I have to go “okay, that’s enough”. If something happens to reduce the number of beers I plan to have I can’t but help feeling a little ripped off. Which is what happens with a high-alcohol beer – in my head they’re worth two normal beers. So that means I end up with a net loss of one beer. Ergo I feel a bit ripped off.

3) Anyway, back to that bit about being amazed by my own stupidity. That stupidity of mine came into play with the new limited release from Six String Brewing Company. One night, halfway through my nightly beer allocation, I chose to pop this can and pour it into a glass. Then I read the details on the can, which is where I saw the alcohol count. “Holy shit! It’s 10 per cent!”

4) With God as my witness,that truly came as a surprise. Which is undoubtedly stupid on my part – it says right on the can “double dark red IPA”. Now double means two times the alcohol, yeah? And yet somehow I managed not to make that connection; instead I figured “double” was just the name of the beer. Absolutely true.  Jeez, this is sounding even stupider than I thought it would. And I thought it would sound pretty stupid.

5) At least the beer itself is good. Stunningly good. And I reckon they’re fibbing about that 10 per cent alcohol count because it in no way tastes that strong. It takes some nifty brewing talent to make a 10 per cent beer taste, well, sessionable. And that’s what they’ve done here. It’s also sticky on the palate with some raisin/sultana characters as well as strong caramel malt tones. And there’s some pine on the nose too. All-up it’s a delightful beer.

Free or paid for?: I bought myself a six-pack from Crown West Cellars.

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