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“In a bizarre open letter, and attempting to use the ‘street language’ that has made Brewdog famous, Bill Muirhead says SA is the ‘original punk state’.
“He writes: ‘In Adelaide we pour beer on our Weet-Bix and use it as sunscreen…You need good deals. And Adelaide’s prepared to offer you one. Let’s make it happen.’
“Continuing his trash talk, Mr Muirhead tells company owners James Watt and Martin Dickie — who recently sold a quarter share of the company that they ‘sold out’ — only Adelaide can help re-establish their street cred.
“We like companies that give two fingers to the establishment,” he writes.
“Mr Muirhead also ridicules the duo’s policy of handing out “maternity leave” to employees who get a new dog.
“I mean seriously? When you get the dogs neutered, maybe have your own balls off? The vet might give you a discount!”

Craig Cook
‘In Adelaide we pour beer on a Weet-Bix: State’s bizarre letter to lure international brewing giant Brewdog’
The Advertiser
August 30, 2017

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