AB IN-Bev’s lack of interest in acquiring Australian blog

Beer Is Your Friend .. No interest from ginormous brewer.

AB InBev has absolutely no interest in acquiring a stake in middling Australian beer blog Beer Is Your Friend, a spokesman said this morning.

In front of a largely room, featuring many empty folding chairs and two newspaper interns who thought there would be free beer,  the head of AB InBev Craft Beer Incursion Team Matthew Wilson laughed off the rumours that it was

“Seriously, who is saying that we were going to buy into that stupid blog,” Mr Wilson said.

“I know we just picked up a chunk of RateBeer but, jeez, that was because it has a lot of reach and everyone goes there to check out beer ratings.

“Imagine how many of those Budweiser and Clamato beers we could move if we fiddled with the ratings on the site. Wait, did I say that out loud?”

When Mr Wilson was informed that, yes, in fact he did, he replied by saying “damn”.

Mr Wilson was not able to explain what “Clamato” was either.

“I really have no idea,” he said. “I just work here, I don’t have to drink the stuff.”

On the subject of buying into the Beer Is Your Friend blog, Mr Wilson said it was unlikely to happen.

“Not at any frigging price,” he replied. “Not even if he paid us. Forget it. We’d get more value for money by buying a stake in some blog that hasn’t been updated for two years.”

When told of the total and utter lack of interest from AB In-Bev, the editor of Beer Is Your Friend expressed surprise.

“Really, I thought because they liked buying craft beer and so do I that it would be a perfect match,” he said.

“Plus, I once won an award. Did anyone tell them that?

“I guess I can forget about getting any of that sweet, sweet, AB In-Bev cash now. Bugger”.

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