Beer of the Week

Five Things About … Little Creatures’ Dreadnought

1) It’s a busy little period for Little Creatures – they’ve put out two new beers in the space of a few weeks. One of those  – the one we’re not focusing on here – is their winter seasonal. They’ve shown better timing with the release than they did for their VHA Shade Chaser. That was touted as a summer thirst quencher but didn’t hit the streets until after summer had finished.

2) They’ve released the new winter seasonal a couple of weeks before winter starts, which is a good thing. The beer itself is a hoppy red called Fire Falcon (the name comes from the hops Falconer’s Flight). And it is pretty good; tasty citrus and pine characters alongside some biscuity notes from the six different types of malt. It’s well worth picking up a six-pack. Or a four-pack – I’m not sure how it’s packaged.

3) What we’re focusing on here is the Little Creatures Single Batch – a return of The Dreadnought. It’s a real winter beer, and by winter I mean a cold, wet (or maybe snowing, if you’re in such climes) night. Because it’s big, strong, robust foreign extra stout. A beer that certainly isn’t shy or retiring.

4) It’s also a beer you should drink on a night where you’re not planning on going anywhere in a hurry. It’s 7.2 per cent – and it’s a thick 7.2 per cent too. It’s a beer you need to drink slowly. And perhaps not on your own. I’m a greedy bugger so I poured the whole bottle into a pint glass so I could drink it all by myself. And rather quickly realised I could have bitten off more than I could chew. But at least I got to see what happens to the beer as it warmed up.

5) When it comes to beer names, The Dreadnought is perfect. It comes from a reportedly intimidating battleship from the early 20th century. And this is a bit of an intimidating, take no prisoners kind of beer too.

Free or paid for?: It was free. The guys at MoCu – which is basically Lion – sent me a bottle.

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