Beer of the Week

Five Things About … Moon Dog’s Bad Boy Bubbly



1) I’m not really the biggest fan of New Year’s Eve. It’s a night where everyone is so obsessed with having a great time, having the BEST time that they end up putting so much pressure on themselves that the night finishes up as a downer. Either that, or they get drunk, act like a dick and wreck someone’s else’s good time.

2) Besides, I’m too old to stay up til midnight these days. I end up cursing the midnight fireworks – A) because they wake me up and, B) because, as I discovered this year, the dog we got nine months ago doesn’t like fireworks and requires some company when they’re going off. And then more company when every dick in the neighbourhood spends the next hour randomly firing off Roman candles and other things that go “Boom!” in the night.

3) So, yeah, Bah humbug.

4) But I did make a bit of an effort to get in the mood, by choosing to drink a bottle of Bad Boy Bubbly barley champagne from Moon Dog on New Year’s Eve. Early on New Year’s Eve, that is. As if I was going to be awake at midnight. People like to drink champagne on New Year’s so I thought it was appropriate.

5) The bottle was a year old, though. It had come in the Crafty Brew advent calendar from 2014 and I’d never gotten around to drinking it. Mainly because the 13.1 per cent alcohol count scared me. But I figured, if not on NYE, when? Also, that high alcohol count should mean it’s still drinkable. And it was. There was only a small head and a liqueur-like aroma but there are some champagne-like characters at the back end and around the edges – a result of the champagne yeast. In the end I couldn’t drink it all – that 13.1 per cent ultimately scared me again; though I did like what I had.
Free or paid for?: I bought this as part of a mixed case, commonly known as an advent case.

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