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Five Things About … Nomad’s Long Reef Pale Ale


1) At least twice a week I head to the Dan Murphy’s website and check the “new arrivals” tab. You know, just to see if there is anything new there. Yes, some of you living in places like Melbourne where you can buy good beer from just about any store you walk into (at least it seems that way to me) may scoff at the idea of walking into a Dan’s for any reason. But for those of us in regional places Dan’s actually presents a viable option when it comes to purchasing good beer.

2) Now, technically, this Long Reef Pale Ale from Nomad shouldn’t be in Dan’s at all. Not because of some stupid artisan hipster “I hate all corporations” attitude. Oh no, it shouldn’t be there because it doesn’t exist on the Dan’s website. Not in the new arrivals, not even searching under “Nomad” – it’s nowhere to be found. And yet, there it was on the shelves. I checked there days after seeing a stack of them in-store and buying a six-pack but it still wasn’t there.

3) This causes me to question my faith in the previous high accuracy of the Dan’s “new arrivals” tab. But not as much as the “variety pack” of beers from US brewer Saint Archer I bought at the same time. Not only is that nowhere on the site, it felt like someone had walked in off the street and placed the pack there, such that it was shunted off in an odd corner of the store. Who knows, maybe it wasn’t supposed to be for sale.

4) Moving back to the subject of Nomad, Dan’s stocks their Freshie Salt N Pepper gose. Can we just pause here for a second? It’s a gose. Dan’s is stocking a gose (actually, two, if you count Sierra Nevada’s Otra Vez). A fucking gose. Really. Two years ago, if anyone said this would have happened, you’d have called them insane. As if Dan’s would ever stock a gose. And yet they are now. Amazing.

5) And so, finally, onto the Nomad Long Reef Pale Ale. It comes in silver cans, with a stick-on label. While I’m not sold on stick-on labels for cans, I do understand it’s likely a more cost-effective option than making cans for each different beer. There’s some resiny, piney notes but the main thing I noticed was the bitterness. Nomad pales and IPAs do tend to be a bit more bitter than most but this one surprised me a bit. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Free or paid for?: I bought myself a six-pack at Dan Murphy’s. But that should be pretty obvious by now.

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  1. they also now range the ballast point grunion pale ale, sculpin IPA & even keel pale ale all in 6pk cans. Also the pineapple sculpin in bottles. I’m still in shock.

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