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Rules of book reading


The book that didn’t even make it home before I started reading it. Which broke a long-hold but also stupid book-reading rule of mine.

I have a few rules when it comes to book. Some of them make sense, like this one.

The no borrowing rule: Don’t ask me to borrow a book from me. Not even if you’re related to me. The answer will always be no. See, over the years I’ve loaned books to people and fretted about whether or not I’d get them back. Sometimes I didn’t. So rather than risk offending some people by saying I wouldn’t loan them a book, I decided to offend everyone by refusing any loaning. So don’t frigging ask.

Other rules are just totally stupid. But I follow them anyway. Like this one.

The no reading new books rule: If I buy a book I will not allow myself to read it straight away. Instead, it has to spend some time on the “to read” shelves before I can start reading it. Why? I don’t really know. Maybe it’s because it’s not really part of my collection until it hits the shelves. Maybe it’s because I don’t want the other books to get jealous of the attention the new arrival is getting (yes, books have feelings. We’ve been through this before). More likely is that it’s a stupid rule that has no logical explanation but I’m compelled to follow it anyway.

Well, I broke this rule on Friday, Which is when my copy of David Hunt’s True Girt arrived in the mail. I’d been waiting for it for a good few months, after having read his first book Girt twice (it’s Australian history! It’s funny! Go buy it). Because I’d been waiting for ages I figured I could let it bypass the shelves and start reading it straight away. Also, I was certain that I’d resent whatever other book I picked up while True Girt did its time on the shelves.

Also, it came on a day when I’d finished the book I’d been reading and otherwise would have nothing to read on the bus ride home.

If you like yourself some Australian history and some comedy, then you should pick this up. If you like those two things but are also a cheapskate, then maybe you should start dropping hints to get someone to buy it for you as a Christmas gift.

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