Beer of the Week

Five Things About … Wayward Brewing’s Midnight Barley Cowboy


1) Fridays is always special, seeing as how it’s the end of the working week and all. But I like to make it a bit more special. So rather than driving, I catch the bus – so the driver has to deal with the traffic while I sit back and read a book. Then, once I get off the bus and walk to work, I stop in at a cafe and pick up a cappucino (in the reusable cup I brought with me. Yeah, if the environment gets screwed it’s not my fault, it’s you disposable coffee-cup buggers who wrecked it for everyone).

2) The other thing I do on Fridays is stop in at a bar on the way to the bus stop and have a beer. Or two if I’m feeling especially reckless (and think my bladder can comfortably survive the bus trip home). There are a few options for beers and so, on a Friday afternoon, I’ll suss out their social media pages to see if they’ve posted an update on what they’re pouring.

3) You might be surprised to know that so many bars and bottle shops don’t do this. Those that do, tend to get more of my business. If I check the Instagram feed of a local bottle shop and find they’ve got something new and interesting in stock, I’ll head over and buy some. And all they had to do to get me there was post a photo and a line or two of text. Is there an easier way for a business to make a sale? So not doing it means you risk losing a sale, because if I can see the tap offerings of one bar but not another, chances are I’ll go to the one that posted the pic because I know what’s there rather than take a punt by going to the other place. Really, venues, all you have to do is take a pic of your taps on a Friday and post it to social media. Too easy.

4) That’s what bar His Boy Elroy did and that’s how I saw they had Wayward Brewing’s Midnight Barley Cowboy. I’ve seen this on tap several times around the traps – including His Boy Elroy previously. And I’ve bought it every time. Because it’s great. In fact, I recommend you buy any Wayward beer when you see it on tap – they’re all great. Can’t ever remember having one that wasn’t. The Cowboy is a hopped porter that deftly blends the hoppiness and the porteriness to make a delicious whole.

5) The photo at the top of this post was the one His Boy Elroy posted that Friday. I swiped it because I’m still too self-conscious to take a photo of bar taps with my phone.

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