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Five Things About … Matilda Bay Wild Yak


1) Here’s another thing to add to that list entitled “I don’t understand WTF Matilda Bay is doing”. You’ve got their new beer, called Wild Yak. But it’s not “wild” – not compared to other beers. Jesus, it’s not even “wild” when compared to the other two beers in the Yak range. It’s more “wild” than the pedestrian Lazy Yak but less exciting than Fat Yak. It seems as though the first letter is meant to be an M but they accidentally flipped it in the printing stage.

2) Because that would make it “Mild Yak”, geddit? While not totally accurate, it is closer to the mark than “Wild Yak”. Because, look, it’s okay a  beer goes. It gets a borderline pass on my barbecue test. But it does fail the Six-Pack Test. What’s that? Well, that’s where you try the beer and then wonder how you’d feel if you’d bought a six-pack of it and had five more bottles left.

3) I can answer this truthfully because I did buy a six-pack of this. The beer was only available in a display at the front of my local First Choice Liquor place, near the cash register. While I have become brave enough to break up a six-pack in the store when I’m shielded by store shelving, I’m not bold enough to do it when there’s a guy right there at the register.

4) And so I bought a six-pack. And am underwhelmed by the fact I have five bottles left over. Bottles which will be kept for house guests who don’t care that much about beer (which is fine with me. People are totally free to not give a shit about the beer they drink. In fact, I’d rather they did that then feign enthusiasm about a beer just because they know I’m a beer geek. “Oh, this is an interesting beer,” they ask, “What is it?”. Come on, dude, you don’t really care and you don’t have to care either. I’m not going to be offended).

5) Okay I digressed a bit. What we have with Wild Yak – which is tagged a “Pacific Ale” – is a beer that is actually less fruity than the actual Pacific Ale. So it’s quite laughable that the beer’s label says “ Say aloha to this fresh and fruity beast”. Fresh and fruity? Beast? Seems Matilda Bay have real trouble with choosing appropriate adjectives. But at least they got the “aloha” right, as it means “goodbye” as well as “hello”. And I’m saying goodbye to this beer.

Free or paid for: I bought a six-pack of it. So if you need a Wild Yak, I’ve got you covered – to the tune of five bottles.

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  1. Six pack test, try the slab test! I recently bought a carton of their fat yak ( first time in a good few years) while visiting a friend in far north qld as it was the only thing that wasn’t xxxx or great northern. Talk about buyers remorse, shoulda gone with the xxxx bitter. Was not like I remembered it to be unfortunately.

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