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Five Things About … Struman’s Organic Beer

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1) UPDATED: This first point made reference to the Port Melbourne address listed on the back of the label and how a Google search of the address and found it was a finance company. Since them I got a call from founder Ash Truscott, who politely pointed out they’re actually a start-up based in the co-owners houses and they’re using their accounting company’s address on the label. Kinda makes sense, I don’t reckon I’d put my home address on a beer label either.

2) Why do I do something nerdy like whacking a beer’s address into Google? Well, because I’ve found it can be a helpful way to sniff out a supermarket beer masquerading as an independent. But, obviously, not in this case, which is why I was happy to correct the record and change Point 1.

3) The two Struman beers are certified organic, because founder Ash Truscott says he and some mates were bemoaning the fact they couldn’t buy an organic beer. He and I obviously move in different circles because in my years of beer geekery I’ve not heard one solitary person wish for an organic beer. Which isn’t to say it’s a bad idea – too often I think the public has no clue they wanted something until someone comes up with it.

4) The beers are a lager and a Dry style of beer. How do they go? Well, the former’s good while the later really fails the barbecue test. If I was at someone’s place for a barbecue and they gave me a bottle of this, I’d discreetly leave the untouched bottle on a table or something. And I’m fairly easygoing when it comes to beers and the barbecue test.

5) The lager was a surprise – I tend to see “premium lager” on a label as a fancy way of saying “crap”. But this one isn’t – there’s no wet cardboard aroma, the palate contains some nice biscuity malt flavours and some light bitterness at the back. The Dry – which is a dreaded low-carb beer – does have the wet cardboard notes and I found an unpleasant bitterness right in the middle of the palate which made it impossible for me to finish the glass. In terms of mouthfeel, it does start out a tad thicker that most low-carb beers but that fades quickly and it finishes rather thin.
Free or paid for?: This was sent to me – without any preceding email saying beer was coming. In a way I like that, it makes the beer’s arrival feel like a bit of a surprise.

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  1. I’m still hanging for some tasty organic craft beer. I guess I’ll have to continue making my own! I’m sure there would be more like me waiting. It seems that when brewers decide to make an organic beer they go very light on flavor!? Fuck that.

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