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Read This! – February 15, 2016


So what is this, I hear you ask? (Shut up, it’s just an expression. I can’t actually hear you at all). This is a replacement for the old Six-Pack – which took a lot more work. Had to find a stupid video, look for a good tweet every single week.

Instead of all that, it’s just a collection of a few pieces I found during the week that I thought are worth reading.


San Diego Reader – Craft is dead. Now we drink Indie Beer
Seems there’s some ructions in the US about replacing the phrase “craft beer” with “indie beer”. So the utterly useless, indefinable “craft beer” phrase didn’t work and breweries that aren’t what some beer geeks call “craft” are using it too. So the solution is to create ANOTHER loaded phrase that will mean different things to different people? Jesus. Just call it beer and get over yourselves.

Daily Telegraph – Rock and Roll Stars Who Have Created Their Own Beer

You want to drink a beer made by Paul McCartney? Well, you’re going to have to become good mates, because he doesn’t sell it. Instead he gives it away by the case to friends and people he works with.

Ale of a Time – The Right Way to Use Hops
That’s the word, not the plant. As a beer geek and a grammar nerd I’m not sure how I missed this post when Luke wrote it in December. But it raises some interesting issues about the use of the words “hop” or “hops”. For instance, if you add several different hops, you talk of “hop bitterness” and not “hops bitterness”. Oh, English, you are so tricky.

Time Gents – Terrible place, a pub with no beer…
One for the history geeks is this long piece about the beer rationing that occurred in Australia during World War II.

Draft Magazine – This is What Six-Year-Old Hopslam Tastes Like
You buy an imperial IPA, it best to drink it. Not age it. They’re not built for that. I like the comment from Bell’s Brewery VP Laura Bell –  “If you want to age it, age it, but if you email us and ask why it tastes weird, we’re going to say you should’ve drank it when you got it.”



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