Clearing out the Fridge

Clearing out the Fridge – Day Four


This is easily the newest of the beers to feature this week.  I bought this beer from NSW brewer Murray’s only a few months ago – and I bought it because I was surprised. You see, I had long assumed this was a beer they didn’t make any more.

I’d seen the label in a number of beer magazines and books, but never seen it in a bottle shop anywhere. So imagine my surprise when I actually found a bottle. If you’re crap at imagining, well, I was pretty damn surprised.

This is a mix of a Belgian tripel and a golden strong ale. As you’d expect from that sort of mash-up, it’s high in alcohol at 8.8 per cent. But it doesn’t taste that high. What it does taste like is clove and bubblegum, with yeasty notes. It’s very balanced and smooth with not a hair out of place.

Very good.

What did I just read: It’s part of a series of posts about me needing to clear out the beer fridge so we can use it to store food for Christmas Day lunch.

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