Beer of the Week

Five Things About … Batch Brewing’s Tiny Coconut Bubbles


1) So there I was at the Keg and Brew in Surry Hills for my one day of Sydney Craft Beer Week. Among the loads of taps was a beer from Batch Brewing called Tiny Coconut Bubbles. That’s it – no description of the beer. So it had to be a stout or a porter, right? I mean, what other style of beer would you make with coconut? I love a good coconut stout (or porter), so I ordered one.

2) But it didn’t pour dark at all. It was a light amber colour. Huh? What’s going on here, I thought. They must have stuffed up the kegs. As soon as the bar worker put the full glass in front of me, I realised no keg stuffing-up had taken place for I could smell the coconut wafting off the beer.

3) I checked the internet when I got back to my table and found it was a coconut wheat ale. And it was good. So good I tweeted Batch to tell them how awesome it was – sweet coconut flavour through the beer and aroma on the nose. Delicious.

4) Soon, though, I was brought down to earth by the realisation that once I left the pub I’d likely never have this beer again. That’s because I don’t get up to Sydney very much and Batch doesn’t send stuff to Wollongong. So that made me sad. Until I visited the Oak Barrel bottle shop about an hour later. There, on the shelves, was a bottle of Tiny Coconut Bubbles. For the dim among you, yes, I bought it.

5) I drank it a few days after getting home – and decided someone had switched tags on me (Batch beer bottles are all the same – the different beers are denoted by cardboard tags looped around the neck. As you can see in the above photo). There was absolutely no coconut present. None at all. What I had instead tasted like a US pale ale – a very nice pale ale, mind you. So it wasn’t like I was dudded or anything. But, still, it wasn’t Tiny Coconut Bubbles. Alas. So if you see a bottle of Tiny Coconut Bubbles, buy it. That’s what I’ll be doing if I’m lucky enough to see one.

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  1. We’re brewing it again this week. Check our website in about three weeks to see where we delivered, or if we have to it on tap at the Tasting Room. Watch out for a cheeky batch of an IPA version too in about a month or so!

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