The Six-Pack

The Six-Pack – November 6, 2015

Number 1: This Instagram post from Matt Kirkegaard

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And more Christmas beers. I love Ben Kraus' approach to brewing and his beer Advent calendar.. This collaborative pack is an Australian first. A craft beer pack with 24 different brews from around Australia all packed into one pack to get you through the month of December. The packaging itself is designed to create some excitement and anticipation as to what’s next in the pack. Only the breweries are named on the pack, and not which beers will be inside. The beers can only be accessed through individual perforations in the packs lid, with each section numbered 1 to 24. 12 beers in the pack are from Bridge Road, with the balance being made up by 7 other brewers from around the country, Van Dieman (Tas) Moon Dog (Vic), Fortitude (Qld), Murrays (NSW) Hargreaves Hill (Vic), Feral (WA) and Mountain Goat (Vic).. #craftbeercountdown #itsbeginningtolookalotlikechristmas #christmasbeers

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This Advent pack from Bridge Road – and others – is going to be available at Dan Murphy’s. I frigging love it and am definitely going to buy one. BTW this is a different pack to the one Bridge Road sells themselves.

Number 2: Ad Week – Carlsberg Infuses Beer Into New Shaving Products, Just in Time for Movember
Want to smell like Carlsberg? Nope, me neither.

Number 3: Business Insider Australia – We tried beer brewed from sewage: here’s what it tasted like
Spoiler – it didn’t taste like poo.

Number 4: Food Mag – Queensland gets its very own beer
XXXX has launched a new beer called Origins – which will feature 36 different towns on the label. And I’m sure this is not an attempt to get bottle collectors to buy all of them.

Number 5: Beer Is Your Friend – Beer on the Box: American Beer
You have to check out this beer ad. I still can’t believe this uber patriotic ad isn’t a parody.

Number 6: And now for something completely different

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