Overlooked beers

Overlooked Beers – Day Three


I can tell you why I walk past the Moo Brew beers at my local Dan Murphy’s. It’s the price – at $6 a bottle and $22 a four-pack I reckon they’re overpriced. You can get a six-pack of quality Australian craft beer for $22 so to charge that price for a four-pack is just taking the piss as far as I’m concerned.

Hell, a bottle of Big Eye IPA that has come all the way from the US is only $4.89 a bottle. And they want $6 for a beer from Tasmania? Really, it’s a price more about the image and the bottle rather than the beer – a craft beer version of Crown Lager if you will.

But in the spirit of Overlooked Beers week, I decided to give Moo Brew a shot – as well as $6 of my hard-earned (six bucks!). I even increased the chances of enjoying the beer by choosing the hefeweizen, which is my favourite beer style.

But that didn’t really work out too well. There’s a slight banana aroma, which is a bit underwhelming. The banana and clove characters are there but they’re right at the back. For me the dominant character is a note of astringency that cuts through the beer.

I’m not sure whether it’s supposed to be there or not – maybe it’s an old beer left on the shelves because no-one wanted to pay $6 a bottle for it.

So yeah, I’ll stick with my original tactic of walking past Moo Brew on the shelves.

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  1. Just wanted to let you know I’m really enjoying this series. I’ve had a couple of Moo Brews in bars and they were all pretty good. But nothing about them justified the price you see in Dans

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