The Six-Pack

The Six-Pack – May 15, 2015

Number 1: This tweet from BrewDog’s James Watt

Yep, a guy sitting in a HELICOPTER branded with his own brewery is calling out “fat cats”. Does this guy really think her’s a “punk” or is he totally taking the piss? I’m not sure which is worse. Yes, the accompanying video shows them “stealing” the helicopter, but if you believe that’s what actually happened, you’re an idiot.

Number 2: All About Beer – How Craft  Became Craft 
Find out who we have to blame for kickstarting all those pointless efforts to define “craft beer”. One guarantee about those “craft beer” definitions – they always include the person doing the defining.

Number 3: Cnet – Wanna slow down your beer-guzzling? Get the right glass
Seems if you drink out of a straight glass with measurements on the side you won’t drink as fast. But where do you find a beer glass with measurements on the side?

Number 4: Lifehacker – Convert Any Case Of Beer Into A Self-Contained Esky
This could be a handy piece of advice if you’re caught without an esky. But with some plastic to line a case of beer.

Number 5: Beer Is Your Friend – Beer science: chilling beer quickly
In which I test the internet claim that wrapping a wet paper towel around a beer and putting it in the freezer chills it super-fast.

Number 6: How they used to sell beer

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