Beer of the Week

Beer of the Week – Native American


The beer: Native American.

Where did it come from?: Humphrey B Beer. That’s the name I gave my own brewery. And by brewery I mean “the plastic fermenter under the stairs”. Yep, I’ve made my own homebrew beer of the week. Too arrogant?

What’s it like?: Well, it has that raspberry Redskin taste, which is good because that’s the crucial ingredient here (note to foreigners: Redskins are a culturally-insensitive lolly here in Australia). The raspberry flavour is throughout the beer, but mainly in the mid-palate. And in the aroma as well. Aside from that, there’s some light malt notes, and no real hop aroma or flavour.

Why do you like it?: Well, because I’d been toying with making it for ages and I finally got off my arse and did it. Also because, unlike the last few homebrews I’ve made, this one didn’t have any off flavours.

Okay now tell me that story you think is funny/interesting: I realised that you can throw a kilogram of sticky lollies into the boil without having them stick to the brew pot and scorch it to buggery. The key? Adding them gradually.

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