The Six-Pack

The Six Pack – January 30, 2015

Number 1: This tweet from Yeastie Boy Stu McKinlay

After this week’s hugely successful equity fundraiser, they ended up with 212 shareholders and not 800. Still if they’re a thirsty 212 then there could still be a big AGM bar tab.

Number 2: BBC News – How controversial beer firm BrewDog became so popular
Seems they fibbed to their bank when they urgently needed more money.

Number 3: Australian Brews News – The Anti-Social Social Beer App
I can identify with this piece, which is about how easy it is to become obsessed with checking stuff into Untappd. To the point where you ignore the people around you.

Number 4: The Herald Sun – From Doughnuts to Oysters — The Ten Weirdest Beer Flavours
A list surely written by someone with Google access than a knowledge of beer. That’s because they’ve picked all the usual suspects. Where’s the squid ink? The beard yeast? Civet poo? Balsamic vinegar? Bulls testicles? Beetroot?

Number 5: Beer is Your Friend – A is For Ale Conner
In which I kick off 26 days of writing about one interesting item for every letter of the alphabet from the Oxford Companion to Beer

Number 6: …. and it’s not beer but you’ll like it.

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