Beer of the Week

Beer of the Week – Horns Up

The beer: Horns Up Rye IPA.wpid-img_20141214_174532_1.jpg

Where did it come from?: Well the brewery is HopDog at Nowra but I got it at Crown West Cellars, just a day after HopDog’s exceptionally tall delivery boy dropped some off.

What’s it like?: I got this fresh so it was very fruity but also, lurking about the place, was that unusual rye note (which often comes across as slightly smoky to me). I’ve also heard it pisses off some beer judges who mistake the rye for a fault in the brewing.
Despite brewer Tim Thomas hop insanity, the bitterness is fine for me. But I wonder if a newcomer would go ‘‘dude, no way. I can’t drink that’’. Yes, I’m thinking of a newcomer who talks like Keanu Reeves.

Why do you like it?: Once upon a time I didn’t. Maybe that’s because I didn’t get one that was super-fresh. But I got one of those a while ago and had to reassess my feelings on this beer. And, then when I found some more super-fresh stock I bought a few more.

Okay, now you can tell the story you think is funny/interesting?: I haven’t got much. Aside from the fact that the extra tall delivery boy is such a fan of this beer he checked in 166,456 of them into Untappd. Give or take a few.

Anything else?: Nope, that’s about it really.

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  1. First time i tried this beer i poured it out. It was awful but i now love the beer. I don’t know if my taste buds changed or a dodgy batch.

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