The Six-Pack

The Six-Pack – November 7, 2014

Number 1: This tweet from A Good Beer Blog.

Good, I thought I was the only one who didn’t really think a 750ml was for sharing. It’s mine! All mine!

Number 2: Black Hops Brewing – How to Make Commercial Beer
A Queensland brewery runs through a timeline of how the process of making their first beer

Number 3: The Betoota Advocate – VB Goes Undercover to win Surry Hills craft beer festival
This story about CUB rebranding VB as “Vaucluse Bitter” and winning the top award at the Craft Beer Awards was totally bogus. But that fact escaped some people, who seem to take everything they see in the internet as the gospel truth. Come on, people, engage your critical faculties a bit more.

Number 4: WA Today – Yeah, We Went There: Road-Testing Beer Cans in the WA Today Office
Whenever I read stories like this, I have to remind myself that the idea of good beer coming in cans is new to most people. But, to answer the question they post at the end of the story “Did we miss any memorable tinnies?”, yes. You missed ALL of them.

Number 5: SBS – Doctors say calorie labels on beer mean drinkers consume less
The story claims alcohol plays a part in the obesity epidemic because people don’t know how many calories their drink of choice contains.

Number 6: Forget Stacy’s Mom, Maureen is a way, way cooler Fountains of Wayne song.

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