The Six-Pack

The Six-Pack – October 31, 2014

Number 1: This tweet from Hendo

I guess when you’re going hard during Sydney Craft Beer Week, drinking a 3.8 per cent beer sort of counts as an alcohol-free-day.

Number 2: NPR – The Love That Dared Not Speak It’s Name, of a Beetle for a Beer Bottle
You think you love beer? Well, there’s a beetle who loves beer so much it tries to have sex with the bottle. And they don’t use the end you’re thinking of either.

Number 3: Good Food – Brewing Home Beer, Without The Hipster Beards
Yes, that is correct. The headline really does say “Brewing home beer”. The intro also implies the average craft brewer is a hipster with a beard. Despite such lazy writing, this is still a decent piece about Willie the Boatman.

Number 4: Wall Street Journal – Now Brewing in Detroit: A Startup That Aims to Pedal Beer
A brewery tries to use exercise bikes to create power and then use that to brew beer.

Number 5: The Telegraph – Foster’s “Good Call” Beer Advert Sparks Sales Boom
An excellent example of how the right ad can help you sell shitloads of beer.

Number 6: I went through a John Waite phase when I was 18. Still like the songs. I hadn’t seen this video before – and at first glance I thought, “why is one of the co-owners of Two Row in the clip”.

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