The Six-Pack

The Six-Pack – October 10, 2014

Number 1: This Tweet from Shark Island Brewing

This beer marks the first time (to my knowledge) both South Coast breweries have combined on a beer. And Black Horse and Shark Island have joined in too to make it a four-way beer collaboration.

Number 2: Men’s Journal – (Highly) Experimental Craft Beer Style Trends Worth Trying
The Great American Beer Festival was on last weekend. As you’d expect, there were some unusual beers there. Including one made with asparagus. That just seems wrong.

Number 3: This gif – cause it’s funny

Number 4: Mashable – Starbucks is Experimenting with a Beer-Flavoured Latte
Yeah, I could be such a hypocrite and mock this. But really, I would so buy one of these lattes.

Number 5: Beer Is Your Friend – The Myth of Drink Less, Drink Quality
In which I wonder if all the beer geeks who spout the “drink less, drink quality” mantra actually practice what they preach, Or if it just something we tell ourselves to make us feel better.

Number 6: It’s not beer but you’ll like it…..

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