Meet The Beer Media

Meet the Beer Media – Drunken Speculation

Name: Liam & ammo
Blog: Drunken Speculation
Established: January 2013

Why do you do it?
Liam: Towards the end of 2012, I wanted write something on the internet as a bit of intellectual exercise that I wasn’t getting at work. Beer was one of the ideas I had rolling around in my head. At the time, I thought that was pretty original so I’m glad I didn’t look into that too hard before getting started or else I would’ve gotten discouraged and started a different blog, probably railing against the evils of income inequality and old people.

Liam and Ammo from the blog Drunken Speculation.

Liam and Ammo from the blog Drunken Speculation.

Ammo: For me it’s a bit of a creative outlet as well as an attempt to legitimate my ever-increasing enjoyment of brewed beverages. As the blog moves forward I’ll be continuing to focus on CulinALEry posts and other craft beer craft projects.

What else have you got going on in your life?
Liam: I’m an engineer in the construction industry by day, a part of my life which probably needs a bit more attention than blogging. I also do a bit of cycling and dabble in homebrewing.
Ammo: I’m currently working in event security and can chew your ear off about fencing and mag and bag screening if you’re ever that bored. To work off the beers I play netball and run regularly (although I’m currently injured).

What makes you keep writing if you’re not getting paid for it?
Liam: Um, momentum? Really I get to use a skillset that’s been pretty well neglected since I finished university – research (and “research”, which is drinking), writing, assembling an argument or a story – and I can write about science, history or business/economics, all of which are interesting to me. Plus we have something of a readership which is cool.
Ammo: Liam cracking the whip. Also, I love the feeling of seeing an idea I’ve had for ages all come together.

What’s one of your blog posts that you like the most?
Liam: I wrote a 3000 word essay on the history of the Bulimba Brewery from 1882 to 1906 for The Session, which ticked all of the boxes above and got a few views.
Ammo: I had heaps of fun doing the breakfast beer week posts and I’m really happy with how they all turned out (there were some that didn’t make the cut though – think a curried egg wrap that looked like a sack full of poo).


One tip about beer blogging that you’d like to share?
Liam: Beer reviews are a great way to start writing and thinking about beer and I think it’s important that people do them. That said, no one’s going to get too excited about your blog if that’s all you do. An interesting beer review is one with an interesting protagonist. All of which is why I don’t write reviews regularly any more.
Ammo: Have a schedule and stick to it! (I don’t have one at the minute and I’m posting very little).

The phrase ‘‘craft beer’’ – love it or hate it?
Liam: Definitely not a fan although sometimes it’s unavoidable. Best case, it serves as shorthand for beer not made by industrial brewers.



One thing that still surprises you about the beer scene?
Liam: That ostensibly rival businesses work together because they recognise that the sum is more than the individual parts. The beer industry is certainly a bit less cut-throat than construction which gives me hope for the future of humanity.
Ammo: Ditto that – it’s a great little community!

And one thing you hate about it?
Liam: I was going to say certain comments about my character I’ve received but that’s not particular to the beer scene by any means. I think my bugbear at the moment is that what I like about the scene, others see this as meaning that craft beer should be treated as some sort of ideological movement, where the cult of craft is more important than anything else. You’re buying beer. It’s a (fun) commercial transaction, not a sacrament.
Ammo: All the calories. So many calories!
Liam: That’s a good point, actually – beer gets you hooked (an addiction made worse by the friends you make in the scene) and then you have to make an effort to rein it in so you don’t get fat or die of liver failure.

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  1. Thanks Glen (and Darren). I don’t know why I’m reading this again, I wrote half of it.

    Btw the gif doesn’t work if you make it a jpg.

    • For some reason the gif appeared fine on all the previews I did. But when I saw the post today it didn’t appear. After a few attempts to fix it at home with an old and uncooperative iPad, which all failed, I opted to post a jpg (which I could do) so there was something there.
      No idea why WordPress changed its mind about posting the gif.

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