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The worst beer glass ever


This, gentle readers, is a beer glass. Goddamn ugly, isn’t it? It was designed by the Beer Pilgrim, that spokesman for Lion who pretends to know something about beer. He created this monstrosity to tie in with International Beer Day, and chose to combine the styles of a range of beer glasses from all over the world.

Yeah, he took ideas from various beer glasses that already worked and smooshed them altogether into a design that is really, really ugly. And functionally faulty. For instance, did you notice that this is actually two glasses? Yep, there’s the one with the lid, which is shown right-side up in the photo. But on the bottom is a small tumbler style glass, which I assume you access by turning the glass over. Which surely means that lid on the big glass must just hang down, looking unsightly and making it quite difficult to put the glass on a table.

It looks more like something you would drink an iced coffee out of on a Saturday morning than a beer on Saturday night. Really, it’s an unsightly mess that further solidifies my opinion that the Beer Pilgrim really doesn’t know much about beer at all.

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Unlike some beer geeks, I like the concept of the Beer Pilgrim. I think having some guy appearing on TV and in newspapers spraining about beer that is a step up from Tooheys Extra Dry is a good thing. As is talking about things like the glassware used in different countries. Also, I like that the Beer Pilgrim will plug beers and breweries that aren’t owned by Lion.

Part of my issue is with the casting. In the contest run to pick the Beer Pilgrim, the entry criteria was heavily weighted towards being able to operate a camera, edit footage and turn it into a movie. Knowing about beer was less important – and that shows with the guy they’ve chosen time and time again.

The other issue is the marketing people pushing things too far. And this awful glass is an example of that. They could have made a video of the Beer Pilgrim talking about beer glasses from all over the world and left it there. Instead, they went too far and had him going through this facade of making a beer glass. It’s much like the First Fleet beer Lion did for Australia Day. The initial idea – brew a porter, the first beer drunk on Australian soil, and have it available only on Australia Day – was a cracker. But they pushed it too far and and the Beer Pilgrim go on a charade of a research trip to discover which beer was the first, even though the powers that be at Lion already knew all that.

It will be interesting to see if the Beer Pilgrim glass ever goes on sale. I’m going to guess not, because then the substantial flaws it has will become very apparent.

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  1. What a monstrosity! While proper glassware is a bit of a knowledge gap for me, I have an appreciation of the history of it. Simply throwing in features from different glasses is completely pointless and you’re just left with something that is optimised for no beer styles…

    As you mentioned, this just screams marketing ploy with no actual beer knowledge at all.

    Anyway, now I’m taking this way to seriously and the geek is starting to come out. In that spirit I shall say (ironically) to the glass “LOL, what a newb”

  2. If only all the brewers at James Squire knew someone who can operate a camera and edit video, and who actually knows beer so well that they all passed around his reviews of their beer and told him they he totally nailed it.
    If only.
    Although I wouldn’t mind a stein handle on my standard beer glass that is actually a big old wine glass.

  3. That is god awful…. Who is their right mind would buy this? Even if you didn’t drink beer you would know it would be useless. It’s the kind of thing your grandmother would buy you for your birthday because she knew you liked beer…

  4. … and yet when you read the comments on it, plenty of people thought it was brilliant. That, as well as other commentary goes to show the average Beer Pilgrim follower doesn’t have much of an idea about beer. So in a sense what he / LN are doing has some merit.

    I think Lion Nathan specifically chose someone not based on camera skills, but personality and distinct lack of knowledge of beer.

    I am sure you have seen Matt Hoffman’s entry to the competition. A film maker who was a bartender at The Scratch for a long time. I can just imagine him butting heads with LN management, and having a hard time spruiking beers such as James Squire, Crown and Matilda Bay.

    • No, I think the Beer Pilgrim needed to be someone who knew about beer. I don’t see where the advantage is in showing people a beer glass that is clearly unsuitable for the purpose rather than one that actually works. You won’t have someone who knows nothing about cooking hosting a cooking show, would you? Same thing should apply here.
      I have seen a bit of the Matt Hoffman video and I do wonder why he would apply for the gig if he would have a problem spruiking for those beers. The Beer Pilgrim was always going to be about getting people to take that first step to better beer. And while someone with beer knowledge was needed, the person also needs to be understanding of where newbies sit. That from their perspective, the Redback you deride as being bland is actually a step up from what they’ve had before.

  5. Props to the dude for trying something new… or rather, mushing together new things in a hip attempt to be innovative. Unless it slices, dices, makes coffee AND presents all my beers equally in the best way possible, I’ll not be putting that unit on my beer shelf. My friends will think it’s a sex toy.

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