The Six-Pack

The Six-Pack – July 18, 2014

Number 1: A tweet from comedian Steve Philp

I reckon this is the best Todd Carney-related joke I’ve heard. It’s even better than my effort – when Todd Carney gets on the piss, the piss gets on Todd Carney.

Number 2: NPR – Alcohol Test: Does Eating Yeast Keep You From Getting Drunk?
A while ago, Boston Beer Co’s Jim Koch made the claim that he takes a spoonful of brewer’s yeast before every pint, which stops him from getting drunk. NPR in the United States put that to the test. Their findings? It’s a lot of crap.

Number 3: Drunken Speculation – Embrace the Beer Excise!
I meant to put this in a week or so but it slipped my mind. It’s an interesting and (for someone economically dim like me) easy-to-understand case for supporting the excise on beer. Yeah, supporting it.

Number 4: First We Feast – The 10 Beers That Made My Career – Jeremy Kosmicki from Founders Brewing
Check out his great piece where the brewer from the awesomeness that is Founders talks about some special beers – both his own and some from other breweries. And you can find out why Founders Breakfast Stout is a pain in the arse to make.

Number 5: Marketing Magazine – Sydney Craft Brewery Victorious After Two-Year Trade Mark Battle with SABMiller
The Sydney brewery is Wayward Brewing and the “trade mark battle” is, in my view, frigging ridiculous. Can’t believe SABMiller thought this was even remotely reasonable.

Number 6: Beer Is Your Friend – The Beer’s Better Than The Marketing
In which I scratch my head over the pointless Beer Pilgrim marketing gimmick.


…And it’s not beer, but you’ll like it.

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