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The NT Draught Hunt


Really, you’d think finding some NT Draught on tap in the Northern Territory would be pretty damned easy. But, after spending six days travelling long distances across the territory seeing the sights – and keeping an eye out for some NT Draught – I can tell you it’s way harder than you’d think.

Oddly enough, it’s easier to find beers brewed in other states – even damn Tasmania – than it is to get a beer made for the Territory (though not IN the Territory, as NT Draught is now apparently brewed in Melbourne). Even if they are unusually priced, as in this takeaway beer list from a truck stop on the way to Uluru shows.


Who’d have thought Fosters would ever be considered so good anywhere in Australia that it warranted a price of $9 a can? For what it’s worth, I bought a sixer of the cheaper – and better – Coopers Pale Ale.

As you might imagine, there isn’t a lot of good beer in the Northern Territory. The best I saw was the Little Creatures Pale Ale on offer in our hotel (nope, no NT Draught there either). But I’m sure the alcohol options have come a long way since this sort of stuff was thought okay.


Charming. Thankfully this wasn’t on sale, but on display in a glass case at a place offering camel rides. If it were me, I’d be removing that from the case quick-smart. As well as this one.


Unless, of course, you’re happy with people thinking you’re a bunch of rednecks who think racism is funny.

On the fourth day of the Outback trip we stopped at the touristy Thirsty Dingo bar. Walking up to the bar, this is what I saw.


Yep, finally found some. So I ordered a schooner – and found it quite refreshing. That is likely because I had it at the right time (I hold that any beer, no matter how ordinary, will be enjoyed if drunk at the right time). This was the right time. I’d been travelling in a bus with a bunch of strangers for days, camping at night (I loathe camping) and driving along unsealed roads that sent shockwaves through my spine. I was grumpy, dirty and tired, but the alcohol in NT Draught made me feel better.

So I had another one (by the way, they were better than the Coopers Pale because the cooler on the bus didn’t really keep the beers cool. I don’t care who you are, warm beer is less enticing that a cold beer).

Right here is where there would be another photo. One of a Darwin Stubbie I planned to buy on the day we flew out (buying a two-litre bottle of beer any earlier just seemed stupid). But there is no photo because there was no ginormous stubbie bought. Our last day was in Alice Springs, a place where licensing laws forbid takeaway beer sales before 2pm. Our flight left at 1pm, so there was just no way I could get my hands on two litres of NT Draught.

Maybe those guys at CUB could help a fella out?

By the way, I took some other non-beer photos too. Here are some of them.

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    • The only one I’ve seen in the flesh was as a kid – my friend’s dad had one. Behind the bar in their pool room.
      And thanks for the kind words about the photos – amazing what you can do with a camera phone and simple editing app.

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