The Six-Pack

The Six-Pack – July 4, 2014

Number 1: This tweet from @slowbeer

This prompted some very interesting discussion. And I reckon the retailing aspect of the beer world isn’t spoken of so much. For me, I like variety and so am more likely to check out beers at a bottle shop rather than make a special trip to a brewery just to pick up some beers.

Number 2: Bloomberg – The Next Revolution in Beer Lies in a Return to the Middle Ages
Beer is about to get medieval on your arse, by going back and exploring the range of herbs and other things used before the discovery of hops. Yeah, I thought they were already doing that, but still, it’s an interesting read.

Number 3: Santa Fe Freestyle Pilsner
santafe_pilsnerThis is here just because that is a seriously beautiful-looking can. Wish they were available here. My God, that can looks awesome.

Number 4: Paste Magazine – Craft Beer is Booming in Beijing
Yep, I know there seems to be an endless array of the “craft beer is booming in (insert country here)” stories, but this is a really interesting read. It includes a bar that sells hop joints and another who drives a scooter around town which has a beer tap and keg installed.

Number 5: A Luiz Suarez bottle opener
It’s a good idea. And you know you want one.

Number 6: Beer Is Your Friend – A Big Beer Wank
Estrella Damm Inedit is a lovely beer. But jeez it comes with a lot of marketing crap.

…And it’s not beer, but you’ll like it

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