Time to crack open a beer … book

As I’ve said before, I like books as much as I like beer. I make a habit of ducking into bookshops and buying a book, even though I have more than enough books sitting at home that I have yet to read. So many that I’ve got shelves I call the “to read” shelves because they’re stacked with stuff I bought but haven’t read. And probably won’t get around to reading, unless I live to be 673 years old.

Obviously that book glut includes books about beer – as evidenced by this picture  of a “to read” shelf I took last month.

There’s  18 unread beer books in that photo – but that’s not the only shelf of “to read” beer books. There’s this one too.


So that’s 12 more, for a total of 30 unread beer books. But lets not stop there…I also have a Kindle. Take a look at what’s on that.


Yep, 28 books – all of them yet to be read. Which makes for a grand total of 58 beer-related books that I’ve bought but not read. That’s why I decided late last month to make an effort to make a bit of a dent in that figure. Which I have – I’ve now reduced that tally by a whopping three books.

Just 55 to go – at my reading pace I should have them knocked over in a year’s time. As long as I don’t get distracted and choose to read some other book that isn’t about beer.

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