The Six-Pack

The Six-Pack – June 20, 2014


Number 1: Some good news from @phil_cook

Number 2: The song that will inspire the next Yeastie Boys beer name?
In case you didn’t know, New Zealand’s Yeastie Boys tend to look towards song titles when it comes to naming their beers. But as far as I know they’ve never taken inspiration from the songs of ’90s girl rappers the Yeastie Girlz. They could go with this number, which has some musical help from 1990s activist band Consolidated.

Or the Yeastie Boys could go for some Yeastie Girlz without musical accompaniment (WARNING: they sound way better with some musical backing)


Number 3: Or perhaps the Yeastie Boys should look to these clowns for inspiration


Number 4: All About Beer – Beer Growlers: Beyond the Basics
This was originally going to be about WilliamsWarn’s massive faux pas this week. But they addressed the issue quickly and seemed to have learned a lesson, so I figured it wasn’t fair to focus on that. Instead, here’s an interesting piece on growlers. I didn’t realise there was quite so much to them.

Number 5: Brookston Beer  Bulletin – The New Yellow Journalism
Chances are you’ve read something about the dropkick that is the Food Babe. She’s the person who trawls for cheap click bait by lying about additives in various products. She did it for beer, claiming all sorts of crap that just wasn’t true. Here Jay Brooks goes to town on the Food Babe, showing just how full of total bullshit she is.

Number 6: Beer Is Your Friend – Star Wars Home Brew
I made a pale ale with three hops that all started with C. And called it C3PA. Geddit?

…And it’s not beer but you’ll like it.

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