The Six-Pack

The Six-Pack – June 13, 2014

Number 1: A tweet from @jonogaluszka

Is there a better question to ask on a Friday?

Number 2: Ale of a Time – Do You Think The Rise of Craft Beer Will Impact Binge Drinking?
A fantastic post that tackles something that people don’t much like talking about. We like to think we’re somehow better than that Average Joe knocking back a six-pack of mainstream lager, but are we really? After all, we’re the ones drinking the beers with the higher alcohol content.

Number 3:  Hi-Consumption – 12 Beers to Get Your Girlfriend Interested in Beer
Guess what most of these 12 beers have in common? Yep, they’re all on the sweeter side. Because women will only drink beer if it’s sweet. What a steaming crock of patronising shit. You know how to get your girlfriend interested in beer? Offer her a taste of every single beer you’re drinking. And then let her make up her own damn mind what she likes.

Number 4: A leftover Friday Photo
I thought this photo was funny at the time. Now I’m not so sure. Make of it what you will.

Number 5: Platinum Liquor – Individuality
Adam Bellamy runs the Platinum Liquor bottle shops in Sydney and also writes a very entertaining blog. He’s not afraid to call shenanigans on some of the bullshit that beer geeks and those in the industry can go on with. In this post he explains why he refuses to sell single bottles of a number of beers. As someone who has bought a lot of singles, I have to say that I see his point.

Number 6: Beer is Your Friend – Wine-ing about Beer
On Tuesday this blog celebrated its second anniversary. In those two years there have been 692 posts made – that’s an average of 0.94 posts a day for two years. I knew I’ve been a prolific blogger, but that’s just stupid. Anyway, this week’s flashback is the first ever post on this blog. It’s a real gem. Not.

….And this isn’t beer, but you’ll like it.

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  1. The single bottle buying is interesting. I do this a lot but have been more conscious lately of how limited it could make my tasting/opinion of a beer. Its also been a little bit of a fridge space issue too, now that we have a second fridge I’m more inclined to buy packs.

    From a retailer view, which I’ll admit I’ve never been, I have heard some say that single sales were good because they make more on selling six singles than a 6pk. Having said that i guess that makes the assumption you’ll sell the lot which may not always be true.

    • Yeah, selling singles would make more as bottle shops seem to charge more for six singles than a six-pack. But that does presume that all six beers will be sold. And it creates the issue of someone who DOES want a six-pack but there are only five bottles left as someone else broke up a sixer.

      • Certainly, plus it would take longer to move through stock by selling singles versus selling packs.

        On the flipside if you’re just starting getting into beer, maybe you’ve never had a Founders and just want one, should they be made to buy a pack?

        A really interesting read, thanks for the link!

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