Good Beer Week Guide – Tip #7

odd-one-out-2Tip #7: Forget about FOMO, MOFO.

Last year during my Good Beer Week – well, last year in general, the fear of missing out on some beer or other actually concerned me.  Honestly, I’d have been better off never having anything to do with Twitter – every time I read a tweet about some new beer someone loved I’d have to go buy it. And then I’d have to go and check it into Untappd. Because, just like that tree falling in the forest, I didn’t really have a beer until I let everyone know I had.

While I was in Melbourne last year for Good Beer Week, I drew up a list of all the bars I had to visit. And I mean HAD to visit – skipping one was not an option because it meant I’d miss out on a beer and, well, FOMO.

But you know what I realised this year? At Good Beer Week, even at GABS, there are always going to be beers I miss out on.  It is impossible to try every beer on offer during this time – and not because it would kill your liver (though it would) but because beers are tapped and drunk and gone all the time during this week and a bit. They’ll go before you get the chance to drink them.

So my philosophy this time around is to enjoy the beers I’m drinking, rather than worrying about the beers I’m not. It’s about being in the beer moment and not letting your mind stray, grasshopper.





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