GABS Brewer 2014

GABS Brewer – Beavertown Brewery

GABS Brewer: Logan Plants from Beavertown Brewery in the UK

What beer are you making for GABS?beavertown_brewery_logo
A 5.1 per cent Bramley Apple Saison.

Does it have a name yet?
‘‘Baby Cham’’

Where did the inspiration come from?
It came from our 8.7 per cent Barley Champagne ‘‘Bramley Apple Saison’’. We wanted to brew a lower ABV version, something that people could sit on and enjoy. We tried to create a ‘‘beer-champagne’’ using the bramley apples to give the slight dry, tartness of the champagne. The French saison yeast adds another layer of complexity to the end result.

Do you think it’ll be a one-off or are you considering adding it to the range after GABS?

What do you think of the concept of GABS?
I think it is going to be a great showcase for great beer! I’m really excited about the beer market in Australia. I’m really looking forward to visiting and hitting some of the great breweries and bars with Beavertown.

The Great Australasian Beer Spectapular (aka GABS) is on in Melbourne on May 23-25, 2014.

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