No beer til March

No Beer Til March – Week Three

Someof the taps at the Illawarra Brewing Company brewhouse for Craft Beer Rising.

Some of the taps at the Illawarra Brewing Company brewhouse for Craft Beer Rising.

This week I managed to resist beery temptation not once, but twice. And we’re talking serious beery temptation here.

The first instance happened on Tuesday when I went to the Illawarra Brewing Company brewhouse to interview the guys for a story about their Craft Beer Rising event. I always like visiting the brewhouse because the guys are always quite friendly and welcoming. And they usually offer me a beer or two. I’m pretty easy to win over like that.

So I turn up on Tuesday to interview the guys and we head up to the new tasting room for a chat. It’s the first time I’ve seen the place and there, at the bar are five beer taps, cool slightly icy beer taps. And then comes the big question

‘‘Do you want a beer?’’

To be honest, there was a voice in my head that went ‘‘you can say yes. No-one will know’’. But I pushed that voice away and said, ‘‘no, thanks, I’m not drinking this month’’. Which felt pretty good because I figured my resolve is pretty much useless until it got tested.

The second time also happened at the brewhouse because I ducked out there today to get a few growler fills. Initially it looked like I’d have to miss Craft Beer Rising altogether until some people pointed out on Twitter that the counter-pressure growler fills at the brewhouse will easily stay fresh and carbonated until I can drink them next week.

The temptation came because I couldn’t try any of the range of six beers they had on growler fills. So I couldn’t try before I buy. It was pretty damned hard choosing which beers to go for, because I’d already promised myself that it would be frigging stupid to get a growler of all of them (how the hell would I fit them in my fridge?). So I had to limit myself to a growler and a squealer – a growler of the Holgate Black Forest Summer Porter and a squealer of the Prickly Moses blueberry hefe (that was a risky purchase. As I couldn’t drink it, I could only smell the beer – and it smelled good. But others told me the taste didn’t really back it up. But I went for it anyway.

I didn’t hang around too long. Partially to avoid temptation but also because I was on a lunch break from work and had to get back to the office. Now I just need to try and forget that I have two big bottles of fresh beer hiding in my fridge. At least until next Saturday.

As for everything else, well some things have changed. I am now finally sleeping better. And maybe it’s my imagination but food I eat does seem to have more flavour than before – a sign of a sharper palate perhaps?
I lost a bit more weight too – a half a kilo – which was a surprise given that work commitments and illness making it too hard to do any exercise.

So now there’s just another seven days to go.

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