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Brew Masters and batch dumping

Sam Calagione - Dogfish Head boss and focal point of Brew Masters TV series.

Sam Calagione – Dogfish Head boss and focal point of Brew Masters TV series.

Not that long ago I watched all six episodes of Brew Masters in fairly quick succession and I came away thinking, ‘‘man, these guys screw up a lot of beer’’.

At least twice in a six-episode series set in the Dogfish Head brewery they employ the ‘‘oh man, something’s wrong with the beer. If we don’t work out what we may have to dump the whole batch’’. In fact, I reckon you could have a drinking game where you down a beer every time someone says ‘‘dump the whole batch’’. You’d get tipsy at the very least.

Repeated use of a dramatic device aside, I really like the Brew Masters series and could never work out why there was never a season two – where we see Dogfish Head founder Sam Calagione try to make even more unusual beers. And perhaps have a few emergencies where they might have to ‘‘dump the whole batch’’.

See, Calagione is immensely telegenic – the guy is made for TV. As well as being good-looking, he’s also funny, chatty and has the ability to laugh at himself. All of which make him a very likeable host of sorts.

Add to that the supporting cast, which includes brewmaster Floris Delee, head brewer Bryan Selders (don’t ask me what the difference between those two positions is because I don’t know), biochemical whiz Katrinka Housely and CEO Nick Benz, who all seem quite capable in front of the camera.

There is no dud talent from Dogfish in this series. Whoever did the early scouting to pick the talent really did a swell job.

I did a google search to see if I could find a reason why there was no series two. And the minions at Google threw up some tweets from that cooking guy Anthony Bourdain claiming the mainstream brewers killed the show off.

According to the cooking guy, they threatened to pull their ads from the Discovery Channel – which was airing the show – in the US if they made a second series.

If so, that makes sense to me because I couldn’t think of any other reason to axe a show with so much talent. If you haven’t seen the series yet, go hunt down the DVD and enjoy.

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  1. I’ll have to seek this series out. Bourdain probably had inside info given that No Reservations aired on Discovery, and that his buddy Mario Batali is in business with Dogfish head in Eataly rooftop brewpub in New York
    I note that there hasn’t been the same issue with Brew Dogs as an announcement on a second series of that was made in late January

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