The Thursday Quote

“In one study, researchers compared crash data with the start and end times of all prior Super Bowl broadcasts. They divided all the Super Bowl Sundays into three intervals (before, during and after). They then compared Super Bowl Sundays to non-Super Bowl Sundays. They found that in the before the game period, there was no discernable change in fatalities.

“During the game when presumbably more people would be off the roads, the fatal crash rate was 11 per cent less than on a normal Sunday. After the game they reported a relative increase in fatalities of 41 per cent. The relative risks weres higher in the places whose team had just lost. The primary reason for the the increased post-game risk is one that I have already discussed: drinking. Nearly 20 times more beer is drunk in total on Super Bowl Sunday than on an average day.”

Traffic (Why We Drive The Way We Do And What It Says About Us)
Tom Vanderbilt (Allen Lane, 2008)

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