The Thursday quote

“This is a place whose inhabitants’ palates are excited by only the most obscure and disagreeable of beers, at double strength and released in small batches. Hibiscus-coloured Flanders red ale, crayfish-infused saison and balsamic Baltic porter are their raison d’être. Bartenders unfamiliar with these styles are their bête noire and given a savage eye-rolling. The mere suggestion of buying a beer with wide distribution causes these people to have convulsions.

Pity them. Trapped in a narrow flaming tomb, they are unable to escape and unable to help the others. They are the craft wankers.

So very few make it out.”

Liam from Drunken Speculation explaining the Second Circle on the path to beer nirvana.
Read the whole thing here. And then read the guys’ other stuff too.

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