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Calling shenanigans on Gage Roads


Right, I’m calling shenanigans on Gage Roads.

More specifically, the shenanigans are directed at their limited release series. There have been two so far. The first was The Convict, an Australian strong ale released in time for Australia Day last year. The other in the series was Easter’s Abstinence, a Belgian Dubbel Chocolate Ale.

Both of them featured the ‘‘limited edition’’ neck label pictured above.Now, lets get one thing straight. I like that they’re releasing beers like that. But I think they’re having a lend of us when they call these beers ‘‘limited release’’. See that picture at the top? That was taken last month, of a bottle of The Convict I bought from Dan Murphy’s at the time.

That makes it 11 months after The Convict was released. Sure, technically any beer that won’t made forever can be called a ‘‘limited edition’’. And whether you make 600 bottles or enough to full 60 shipping containers, the beer is, strictly speaking ‘‘limited’’ because there isn’t an infinite amount of it.

But I think you’ll agree that tagging as a limited release a beer that is still on the market 11 months after its launch is just taking the piss. It’s truly not in the spirit of what people take ‘‘limited edition’’ to mean. That means, ‘‘oh jeez, I’d better hurry up and grab a bottle or two before they run out’’. It certainly shouldn’t mean, ‘‘why rush? That beer will be around a year later’’.

Keep making the beer, by all means – as The Convict is a good beer – but please change the name. Call it a ‘‘special series’’ or something. Save the ‘‘limited release’’ tag for a beer that is actually going to disappear after a few months.

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  1. Since when has commercial marketing had anything to so with people’s “spirit”? heh.

    I suspect this probably is a limited release, but a massive amount has been produced because it’s a massive brewery, and then the beer hasn’t sold very well. But it’s still limited, in the context of Gage Road brewery’s production…

    …unless they have re-brewed the beer and released more batches?

    I think it’s more a case of mass production combined with slow sales.

    • Yeah, I lean towards the view that they brewed shitloads and it’s been hanging around. Which makes me sceptical about the word “limited”. If they make heaps and heaps and heaps, then it’s not limited.
      I also reckon they leave it on the shelves to try and sell it – because some schmuck will buy it eventually. Just like I did.

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