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What The F..k Are You Waiting For? – Day Two


As some of the names I give my homebrew would indicate, I have a preference for weird names. So when I see a beer on a bottle shop shelf called Dangerously Close to Stupid, I’m going to buy it. The name alone is enough to sell me – even enough to stop me balking at the price of $11 for a 330ml bottle.

But that name also caused me to steer clear of it for a while too. Made by the Danish brewer To Ol (there’s a weird accent thing that goes in there somewhere but I don’t know how to create it on an iPad keyboard) the name suggests that they’ve gone and done something scary to the beer. In this case it’s adding “close to a stupid amount of hops”, according to the back label.

Incidentally, isn’t it funny how the more extreme a beer it tagged as, the more a beer geek would want to drink it? Someone could come out with a beer that carries the tagline “so highly hopped it could stop your heart. No, really, we’re not kidding” and people would buy it. Then when some hearts really did stop and people karked it, other geeks would think “man, I’d like to try that beer”.

But I digress. I tried this 9.3 per cent double IPA and, you know what? I didn’t think it was dangerously close to stupid at all. It’s a beer that has a wonderfully clean piney and tropical fruit aroma. The piney notes carry through to the palate, and that 9.3 per cent really isn’t that evident.

It’s certainly not a “burn the enamel off your teeth” level of hoppiness here. That’s most likely because I’ve had a lupulin threshold shift – what was once too much hops is now easy to handle. Really, I shudder to think how much hops a beer would need for me to find it overwhelming these days.

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    • Thanks for the name correction, but I’ve had people call me “Glenn” so often I hardly notice it any more.
      And yes, there are more of these posts to come – a whole week’s worth in fact.

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