Friday Photo

The Friday Photo

wpid-IMG_20131212_180713.jpgSo what’s this all about?

Well, a month or so ago Bryan over at the excellently-named This Is Why I’m Drunk published this post about taking photos for his blog.

He wanted to try and challenge himself to take better photos, so decided to aim for a monthly beertography post. The idea would be to take more arty photos that look cool.

I thought it was a great idea and pledged to do something similar myself. I even posted a comment on his post to that effect. But then I got to thinking. You know, taking really nice photos would involve a fair bit of effort and, to be honest, I probably couldn’t be arsed putting in the effort.

What I could do instead was take photos of beer and add crappy jokes to them in the form of captions or voice balloons. It takes far less time on my part and – hopefully – will result in a few people finding them funny.
So with no further ado, welcome to the first in what should be a regular feature (again, if I can be arsed to keep it going) I call The Friday Photo.

Yes, I thought about spelling it “Foto” instead but that sort of crap spelling is beneath even me.

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